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Enjoy self-indulgence in a heavenly atmosphere. Let your worries go away with our indulgent beauty treatments.


DURATION: 30 MINS  |   $90

Life is busy, so you want a facial that is quick, rejuvenating, and professional. This treatment includes all essentials for beautiful skin: exfoliation, nutrients and a cooling globe refreshing massage. The Express facial is designed to detoxify and reset your skin - think of it as a power nap for your body. Minimal to no extractions due to time limitations.

express facial manhattan
Express Facial
june first signature facial


DURATION: 60 MINS  |   $150

This is our most popular facial. A custom, tailored facial for all skin types. Our skin care professionals have seen it all, we use top-quality skin care ingredients to improve the health of your skin. This facial includes extractions and a relaxing massage on the face and shoulders. We are gentle with our technique :-)  If one hour isn't enough, please add 30 min for more extraction time and a soothing massage. We guarantee it will be worth it!

  • Add 30 min $70

June First Signature Facial
Dermaplaning Facial


DURATION: 60 MINS  |   $150

A surgical blade is used to remove fine, peach fuzz like baby hair, and unhealthy skin cells. This is followed by a light peel  and nutrients to enhance the treatment. The end result is baby smooth and magical! The treatment includes a 10 minute face and shoulder massage. Please add 30 min to the facial if you need more attention to extraction and soothing care to calm down inflammation.

  • Add 30 min  $70

Dermaplaning facial manhattan
Sculptural Face Lifting Massage
sculptural face lifting massage manhattan


DURATION: 80 MINS  |   $250

Do you know what the secret to youthful skin is? If your answer is sun screen, you are only half right.  The other half of the equation is our emotions. Life can be stressful, and we carry that on our face. Toxins and negative emotions accumulate on the face over time. Sculptural lifting massage works on opening up our facial muscles in a specific direction to promote a softer and natural way of being. This technique is both rejuvenating and healing.  Intra-oral massage will be performed with gloves toward the end for a whole other level of emotional release. Are you ready for it?


DURATION: 50 MINS  |   $170

Want to look confident in that cobra pose? We will bring your sexy back, back! This treatment is popular among clients who suffer from back acne, and it is also great for someone who just wants a relaxing back pampering treatment. 

Back facial manhattan
Back Facial


DURATION: 30 MINS  |   $150

We use a PCA professional peel on your face and neck.  There may be a bit of peeling and flakiness for 3 to 5 days after the peel, however you can still resume normal activities and go to work. After the peel, acne will improve, so does skin's ability to retain moisture. You will look younger. Feel free to reach out to us for any concerns before booking!

Chemial Peel
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